Turnkey launches GRC-as-a-service offering


Richard Hunt, Turnkey Consulting

Risk management consultancy Turnkey Consulting has built on its cloud-based solution for SAP customers with the launch of Bedrock, a new GRC-as-a-Service offering.

Organisations are facing increased risk due to external factors such as cyber attacks, enhanced data protection requirements, and an overall growth in data.

“Bedrock provides organisations with the capabilities of SAP solutions for GRC that are suited to their individual needs and budgets, while helping them to benefit from the latest SAP software as well as Turnkey’s in-depth IT, security and risk management credentials,” says Richard Hunt, managing director, Turnkey Consulting.

The costs for the platform are based on a shared subscription model.

Kevin McCollom, group vice president for SAP GRC Solutions, said, “An increasing number of customers want business technology delivered via the cloud as a managed service. GRC is no exception, and Turnkey Consulting is already a key SAP partner in this field. The technical and business expertise of Turnkey’s consultants and practitioners adds value to SAP’s GRC tools. Turnkey’s launch of Bedrock will enable customers to quickly realise value from the software and is a milestone in the range of solutions available to the GRC market worldwide.”

The specific Bedrock services available to customers on an outsourced basis are: GRC technical support and maintenance, including upgrades, patches, system improvements and a helpdesk facility; process support for SAP solutions for GRC, covering controls execution and automation, incident management and audit activity, risk monitoring and reporting; GRC and risk management consulting.

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