SUSE releases new Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications

SUSE has released its latest Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications, designed to save time and operating costs by simplifying both physical and virtual deployments and increasing the uptime of SAP HANA and other important SAP solution-based workloads on Linux.

Based on SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 Service Pack 1, the latest version also contains several additional software components including SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension, the kernel page-cache limit feature, and the installation workflow.

“SAP provides critical applications that enterprises can’t afford to have offline, especially those customers looking to take advantage of the high-speed analytics delivered by SAP HANA,” said Ralf Flaxa, president, engineering, SUSE.

SUSE, which developed the first automated system replication solution for SAP HANA database failovers, fully supports this feature in the new release. The SAP HANA Firewall to secure and fence off SAP HANA databases is also fully supported.

According to SUSE, the latest version provides a simpler operating system and increased reliability, with high availability support for running SAP HANA on Amazon Web Services public cloud. The Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension has a redesigned, more intuitive user interface that simplifies setup of high availability for important SAP applications.

The new version provides additional tools to automate daily tasks and customise system parameters for SAP applications. The full operating system rollback feature reduces risk and downtime from inadvertent updates or unexpected application issues.

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