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ASSA ABLOY has leveraged Esker’s solutions on-premise and in the cloud to create an optimised order process even for complex configurable orders across 20 locations.

Swedish-based ASSA ABLOY, the world’s largest lock manufacturer, has been on a mission to make its business processes more seamless. Back in 2010, it started with sales order processing, and eventually selected Esker’s on-premise Order Processing automation solution to help achieve its goals of reducing its average cost per order, be able to better manage growing order volumes, and eliminating some of the complexities caused by processing configurable orders, which represented 40 per cent of the company’s total orders.

It’s a situation Esker, as a leader in document process automation solutions, often sees in sales order processes – limited control and visibility, slower processing, increasing the cost per order, and high error rates and incorrect shipments, which can lead to customer dissatisfaction.

This proved to be the right choice, and when recently faced with the prospect of upgrading to the most up-to-date version of Esker’s on-premise solution, ASSA ABLOY opted for a new direction that it hoped would have an even greater upside – moving automated order management to Esker’s cloud-based solution.

Incremental upgrades

The initial implementation of Esker in 2010 helped remove unnecessary manual touchpoints in its previous order management process, including accommodating eight different layouts of configurable orders to ensure that all of the necessary order data was extracted for electronic processing.

Its most recent move to the cloud has now propelled ASSA ABLOY to even greater levels of efficiency by simplifying user training and allowing users to access valuable order information at the click of a button via built-in dashboards. From an IT perspective, using an on-demand solution has simplified its IT environment, as the company no longer has to worry about managing an on-premise application or licensing.

“In our industry where configurable orders are common, we deal with multiple order layouts and sub-line items on a daily basis. Of all the vendors we researched, Esker was the only one capable of accommodating the level of minutia we deal with. The solution’s flexibility and ease of use is phenomenal. There’s really no comparison,” said Brie Cifaldi, e-business coordinator, ASSA ABLOY on the selection of Esker.

Reaping the rewards

Since the initial implementation of Esker in 2010, and with 12 business units already on the on-demand platform, ASSA ABLOY has achieved improvements such as:

  • Increased throughput and productivity: Capturing all of the header information electronically enables staff to easily classify order types, make any necessary adjustments and accelerate throughput.
  • Reduced processing errors: ASSA ABLOY saw a 30 per cent reduction in errors, which equates to an estimated $250,000 annually.
  • Improved customisation: Esker’s flexible forms technology allows ASSA ABLOY to customise its various order fields to all of its different business units.
  • Faster order processing time: ASSA ABLOY saw its average order processing times decrease from 60 hours to two hours, representing a 97 per cent increase in speed.
  • Enhanced visibility: Customisable dashboards now give users access to strategic metrics, such as number of lines validated, aging orders, and priority coded orders waiting for validation.

How automation can improve sales order processing

Using Esker, organisations can automate the entire order process, from the receipt of a customer order to its creation in an ERP system (such as SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics and Sage), resulting in orders being processed up to 80 per cent faster and a reduction in error rates and incorrect shipments. Orders and claims can be tracked with complete accuracy, visibility and efficiency.

Esker’s customer self-service portal improves business efficiency and reduces the costs of ordering goods and services. Designed to optimise buyer/seller interactions in the order-to-cash (O2C) process, the portal provides transparency, speed and productivity compared to manual processes. Faster, more accurate processing helps companies better understand their order pipeline, including any backlogs, and deliver customers the level of service and satisfaction they require.

Get control of your sales order processing

If your business is feeling the pain of inefficient order management, contact Esker’s Order Management team to discuss how we can help. Esker will meet with you and your order management team to establish your needs and objectives, before tailoring a solution specifically for your organisation.

Contact Esker on 02 8596 5100 or visit the Esker website to find out more.

This article is sponsored by Esker.

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