SAP’s blockchain initiative expands reach with new members

SAP blockchain

Hartmut Mueller, Deutsche Telekom

Twenty-seven customers and partners, with a total market value of US$819 billion, have now joined SAP’s blockchain co-innovation initiative, the company announced at its recent SAP TechEd event in Barcelona.

The initiative seeks to integrate the digital ledger system into its Internet of Things (IoT), manufacturing and digital supply-chain solutions using the SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain service.

The companies that have joined the initiative come from a range of industries around the global, including consumer products, telecom, retail, pharmaceuticals, logistics, agriculture, high-tech, aerospace and defence, industrial machinery, energy and utilities, and public services.

“At Deutsche Telekom, we see a big potential for blockchain technology in the telecommunication business,” said Hartmut Mueller, SVP business solutions, Deutsche Telekom IT. “Our cooperation with SAP will speed up digitalisation to the benefit of our customers.

SAP also said it will join the European Alastria Consortium, which brings together banks, telecom providers, energy companies, universities, smart city organisations and developers, as well as the Blockchain in Trucking Alliance, which addresses the freight and transportation management sectors.

“Our customers and partners are eager to join SAP in embracing blockchain as a distributed ledger that can increase transparency and collaboration. We are equally eager to co-innovate with the world’s leading companies to remain a future where blockchain is woven into the fabric of the digital value chain,” said Dr Tanja Reuckert, president of IoT and digital supply chain, SAP.

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