SAP Workforce Performance Builder growth continues

SAP Workforce Performance Builder

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With the need for training and development wherever and whenever becoming increasingly critical, the demand for SAP Workforce Performance Builder software is continuing to grow as demonstrated by the cloud edition’s high-triple-digit growth in users in 2016.

The popular education software, available in the cloud or on-premise, has been the business education solution of choice by more than 2000 organisations worldwide since its launch in 2012. The software results in reduced training costs as well as increased workforce productivity.

SAP Workforce Performance Builder reduces costs and saves time by reducing or eliminating the need for more formal external or in-house training courses. It brings new employees up to speed quickly without adding an extra task burden on support staff.

Customers can use the software to create and deliver learning materials to meet a wide range of business needs from rollout and performance support and change management to compliance and soft skill training.
The software enables users to create transaction documentation, training simulations, test scripts and many types of e-learning materials, plus context-sensitive help using pop-up windows within the application.

“Our customers understand that success depends on the skills of their employees,” said Karie Willyerd, global head of customer education and learning, SAP.

“The digital transformation drives learning and enablement needs as it demands organisations to embrace change — and SAP Workforce Performance Builder is SAP’s strategic solution to achieve the required level of user adoption,” said Willyerd.

“Due to the power and flexibility of SAP Workforce Performance Builder, we have been able to create a state-of-the-art knowledge management and performance support solution for our SAP and non-SAP software landscape,” said Dr. Arnulf von Kienle, IT team manager for training, Evonik Industries AG.

Proving that actions speak louder than words, the latest edition of SAP Workforce Performance Builder includes a collection of product information, interactive basic training and premade content and templates – all created using SAP Workforce Performance Builder.

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