SAP and VMware collaborate to accelerate enterprise IoT projects


Nils Herzberg, SAP

SAP is collaborating with Palo Alto-based VMware to help enterprises speed the deployment, scalability, execution and time to value of their Internet of Things (IoT) projects by creating an integrated solution that supports IoT use case implementation and management across devices, infrastructure, edge, cloud, and application domains.

For enterprises, an IoT-ready architecture consists of both an infrastructure plane and an application plane. VMware and SAP are teaming up to provide both.

A subsidiary of Dell Technologies, VMware will provide a consistent infrastructure plane for enterprise IoT projects along with a management solution to securely onboard, configure, and monitor “things”.

SAP will bring its SAP Leonardo IoT solutions to the table, integrating IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics to help enterprises to transform systems that manage workflows or processes into systems of intelligence.

SAP provides real-time visibility by combining device data with business transactional data, while VMware will enable visibility and control of the IoT use case from an infrastructure operational perspective.

Expected to be available later this year, the VMware Pulse IoT Centre is designed to help simplify the complexity of IoT by managing all “things” as one. It is expected to boost the reliability and security of IoT infrastructure by providing accurate, real-time visibility of “thing” health to increase the ROI of IoT use cases by streamlining how IoT projects are deployed and scaled.

“Companies win when they can make intelligent real-time decisions at the edge. By working with VMware, we are helping mutual customers to create innovative gains while supporting a reliable, maintainable and secure IT platform,” said Nils Herzberg, senior vice president, global head, IoT go-to-market and strategic partnerships, SAP.

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