SAP tackles GDPR with new Gigya solutions

SAP Gigya

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SAP has introduced three new solutions for organisations that require compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) taking effect on 25 May, while continuing to deliver much-needed personalised customer experiences.

The new solutions, SAP Hybris Identity, SAP Hybris Consent, and SAP Hybris Profile, are a product of the acquisition of Gigya by SAP last year. Used individually or together, they are designed for organisations seeking to provide their customers with an increased level of transparency and control while complying with the GDPR.

“With GDPR around the corner, the timing of these solutions couldn’t be better,” said Alex Atzberger, president, SAP Hybris. “Importantly, it turns a compliance need into a strategic business advantage and creates more trusted customer relationships.”

The solutions, which provide registration, consent preference, and profile management, scale easily and securely to help organisations manage up to billions of identities, thousands of digital properties, and hundreds of brands.

SAP Hybris Identity provides secure customer registration and login to help increase conversions on websites, mobile apps, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. It stores customer data securely to enable personalised experiences while reducing risk of fraud or theft.

SAP Hybris Consent captures customer consent for terms of service and privacy agreements. Consent, which can be synchronised with marketing, sales, and service applications, is stored in a secure data vault throughout the customer lifecycle. Features for consent revocation, data export and account deletion put customers in control of their personal information.

SAP Hybris Profile combines customer identity, profile attributes, and other data into a single customer view for use in real time or in batch to any application, service or data warehouse. Organisations can analyse these single customer views to predict, plan, and optimise digital experiences.

“If data is the new oil, then trust is the ultimate currency that drives this new data economy,” said Patrick Salyer, CEO, Gigya. “To create trust, consumers demand transparency and control over how their customer data is managed.”

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