SAP deploys Fieldglass for external workforce management

SAP has deployed technology from Fieldglass to manage its global contingent labour and services spend.

SAP acquired Fieldglass, which provides cloud technology for external workforce management, in May 2014.

Fieldglass is being deployed in a phased approach across SAP’s external labour program across the US, Canada and Germany. When complete, it will be used as a centralised, single point of access to engage with more than 20,000 temporary external workers, as well as identity management and Statement of Work-based services and request for rfX – such as information, proposal, quote or bid – globally.

According to SAP, the Fieldglass Vendor Management System (VMS) has allowed the company to streamline the process to find and engage qualified workers; enable reporting and reconciliation of work hours performed; gain visibility into external workforce headcount as well as contingent spend and rates by location; automate supplier invoicing; and mitigate risk through background security and compliance checks.

“Now with Fieldglass, we have an integrated, secure and compliant process alongside SAP ERP and Ariba,” said Amy Gordon, global head of external workforce centre, SAP. “We have been able to accomplish two very important things: transparency into our external workers and alignment of that workforce to our overall company strategy.”

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