InsideView extends integration with SAP Hybris for cleaner CRM data

Photo: iStockphoto

An updated version of InsideView for SAP Hybris Sales Cloud will allow users to sync customer and prospect data to their CRM records in real time from InsideView’s global company and contact database, ensuring sales people have the most up-to-date data available for sales calls or marketing campaigns.

The new version of the solution will enable users to correct inaccuracies in existing account and customer records as often as needed.

“Businesses today are facing a growing need to know their customers, empower their sellers with context, and tailor their messages for individual buyers. With this new release, InsideView deepens its native product integration with SAP Hybris Sales Cloud with customer and prospect data enrichment capabilities and real-time actionable intelligence that help salespeople to be more relevant and effective,: said Heidi Tucker, VP, alliances and business development, InsideView.

The InsideView solution integrates as a native app with SAP Hybris Sales Cloud, providing company and contact data, social and news insights, and business connections gathered from more than 40,000 sources.

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