First Australian SuccessFactors data centre opens

SAP has chosen Sydney’s Equinix data centre to host its first multi-tenant cloud solutions for Australian customers.

SuccessFactors began offering its SaaS solutions within the data centre on 18 October 2012.

The decision was made to localise Australia’s cloud presence after SuccessFactors decided to re-examine its data centre footprint across the globe.

“We decided to look at our whole picture across our infrastructure and co-location facilities,” said Robert Yue, vice president, SuccessFactors.

“As a part of that, the decision was taken to use Horizon [provided by Equinix] for some of our requirements.”

Yue said the company used this opportunity to update some of the actual technology and to continue to build in some capacity for expansion, with the availability of SuccessFactors in Australia being as a necessary part of their local growth.

“The growth path that SuccessFactors is on is quite steep, there’s a lot of growth coming at the moment in regards to more customers and more users, so obviously we need to constantly be looking at and planning more capacity and more growth,” he said.

“We had been arguing that having a data centre or facilities here that would allow customers to retain their data locally would make them feel more comfortable, obviously around privacy concerns.”

SAP will choose a second data centre in Australia by the end of 2012. Its global plan is to consolidate its multi-tenant cloud solutions into two data centres per region.

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